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LeechFTP is a freeware FTP client with some nice features:
  • Multithreading for simultaneous transfers!
  • File and Directory Upload
  • File and Directory Download
  • URL Connect and URL Download
  • URL Snatcher (grabs URLs from Clipboard)
  • Sanity check for downloaded ZIP and RAR archives
  • Archive viewer for ZIP and RAR
  • Download of directory trees as TAR archives (if supported by server)
  • Queue Timer for scheduled transfers
  • SmartResume: Aborts resume if files differ
  • Bandwidth Limiting
  • FTPSearch Interface
  • HTTP file download

Note: LeechFTP is considered abondonware. The original author is Jan Debis. Files restored by Danny Kennison.
Download LeechFTP
Version 1.3 Build 207

Build Size 620Kb

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